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A Brief History of Massage

Massage is perhaps the most basic form of medical treatment. In Egyptian tomb paintings, you can see people getting massaged. Massage has been practiced in Eastern cultures since ancient times. For Roman and Greek physicians, massage was one of the main methods to relieve pain. According to legend, Julius Caesar received a daily massage to relieve neuralgia (nerve pain) each day. Hippocrates, the father and founder of Western medicine, wrote in his book The Physician Must be Experienced in Many Things that Hippocrates “but assuredly in rub… because rubbing can bind or loosen joints that are too stiff”

The unsavory image of “massage parlors” has tarnished massage’s value and reputation. As people learn that massage can help with relaxation and relieve diseases, this image is slowly changing. The more people are educated about massage and how it relates to diseases, the more they will accept it.

In intensive care units for children, seniors, babies in incubators, and patients suffering from cancer, AIDS, or heart attacks, massage is used. The majority of American hospices offer some form of bodywork therapy. It is also offered in many health centers, pain clinics, and drug treatment clinics.

Common Types Of Massage

There are more than 80 types of massage that a massage therapist can specialize in, known as modalities. There are many methods of massage therapy, including deep-tissue massages, Swedish massages, reflexology, and acupressure. Many massage therapists are skilled in multiple modalities that require different techniques. Some massage therapists use long, exaggerated strokes that cover the entire length of the body (such as the leg), while other massage therapists use quick, percussion-like strokes using a cupped or closed arm. Massages can last from 5 to 10 minutes up to 2 hours. The type of massage that is given will depend on the client’s physical condition and needs. Therapists might use techniques that are more appropriate for older clients than they would for athletes. They may also use techniques that are not suitable for clients who have suffered injuries. Some massages are only available to one type of client. Prenatal massage and infant massage, for example, are offered to new mothers and pregnant women.

Massage Benefits

Massage therapy uses touch to manipulate soft tissue and muscles. Massage therapy can be used for many reasons. It can help with pain, stress relief, muscle relaxation, sports injury rehabilitation, and general health. There are many massage options available. Clients may use massage to relax and get their medical benefits.

Massage therapy offers many benefits. It can increase circulation, and immunity, and reduce pain from injury and disease. Massage therapy releases “feel good” hormones that allow clients to relax and de-stress. Stress can cause disease or worsen existing conditions.

Everyone benefits from massage, including babies and the elderly. Massage can help infants thrive and grow, it can also help children with a range of physical, emotional, and medical problems, as well as those who are suffering from cancer.

Massages that are not recommended

Although massage therapy is effective for almost all health conditions, there are some situations in which it can make the situation worse (also known as contraindications). Massage can make a person feel worse if they have a fever or are suffering from an infection. Massage is not recommended for people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Written consent from the primary care provider will be required if the person has an advanced condition. This will state that massage will not cause the disease to worsen. Written authorization from the primary physician is required for any recent injuries or surgeries that have been less than four weeks ago before the therapist may continue.

Laws governing Massage

There are 42 states, the District of Columbia, and four Canadian provinces that have passed legislation regulating bodywork and massage. These laws can be used to register, license, or certificate. The regulation of massage therapists in the states and provinces requires that the therapist be covered by liability insurance. This policy has its own rules and regulations. The state requires that a massage therapist has completed at least 250-500 hours of education. The typical education includes learning several modalities, anatomy/physiology, and pathology. It can also include on-the-job training. This can be done either in the school clinic or at the student’s home. The therapist is protected by liability insurance in case the client gets hurt during a massage or reacts to a product used by them. Certain protocols for massage are also regulated by law, including proper draping and confidentiality.

What is a Massage?

Massage therapy is regulated in most states. The Massage Therapist must always drape the client and only undrape the area that is being treated. All massage therapists who have liability insurance must adhere to certain standards. Discipline can be taken against a massage therapist if they do not follow these rules and those established by the state. Massage therapy can be used to relax, relieve stress, or reduce the effects of injury or disease on the body. Massage therapy is a CAM – Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Most massage therapists work with other healthcare providers. Massage therapists can work alongside Chiropractors and Physical Therapists as well as nurses and doctors of all specialties.

If they are not licensed in one of these areas, massage therapists can’t practice medicine, physical therapy, or chiropractic work. Massage Therapists cannot diagnose, treat or cure illness. Massage is not sexual and must always be done with the anal and genital area draped. If the massage therapist feels that the client is not within their realm of expertise (knowledge), he/she should refer the client to someone who is.

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