6 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Crawl Space

Crawlspaces are not always the most popular topic. They are dark, damp, and oftentimes scary spaces that we don’t like to think about. But if you’ve noticed water or humidity coming in from your crawlspace, it’s time to start thinking about some preventative measures to extend the life of this area of your home. In this blog post, we’ll discuss six tips for extending the life of a crawl space and keeping it dry!

1) Make sure the crawlspace is properly vented

If your crawl space has limited or no ventilation, it will cause humidity and moisture to build up in this area. This can lead to a moldy environment which causes further damage and health concerns. To keep the air flowing through your home you need both intake and exhaust vents for proper circulation.  If you’re unsure if there’s enough airflow, contact a contractor with experience working on such spaces.

2) Make sure that all of these systems are connected

A crawlspace waterproofing Chester VA like ours should be able to assess any issues with the existing venting system. We’ll make recommendations about how best to proceed based on our findings during an inspection so we can ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Don’t forget: your floor drain and sump pump systems should also be properly connected so that water can flow easily out of the space! We’ll ensure the connection points are sealed tight, or recommend a solution if needed.

3)  Keep an eye on any cracks in the foundation

Foundation issues, such as a crack or gap that’s allowing water to seep into your crawl space, are easy problems to solve. A reputable waterproofing company will have experience fixing this sort of problem and be able to do it quickly!

4) Keep the foundation walls clean

If you have dirt, leaves, or other debris against your crawl space’s foundation wall, it can cause excess moisture to build up. This will lead to problems like mold and mildew which are hazardous for your family! It also creates an unhealthy environment when left unchecked. So make sure that any outdoor plants aren’t touching the wall of this area if possible.  Additionally, keep the floor clear in case there is ever a flood so water can drain easily out of your home!

5)  Use the right materials

Don’t use wood or carpet in this area! Both of these building materials can absorb moisture and lead to further problems over time. Instead, you should opt for a concrete floor with proper drainage so water can leave easily. And if possible, keep your crawl space slightly elevated above grade level so it’s easier for water to flow out. 

6) Keep the humidity down

Humidity is another concern you should think about as it can cause a myriad of issues with your crawl space. If this level gets too high, mold and mildew will grow on surfaces that aren’t properly sealed or treated. It also causes wood to rot which could lead to structural problems in this area of your home! Make sure there isn’t standing water and install dehumidifiers so the air stays dry inside. This problem can be solved once-and-for-all by calling an experienced company.

In conclusion, crawl spaces are an important part of your home that you don’t want to ignore. If water or humidity has started coming into this area, now is the time to contact a waterproofing company for help! We’ll assess the situation and make recommendations tailored specifically to your space so it can be kept healthy and dry once-and-for-all.

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