What is a Physical Therapy Assistant?

A physical therapy assistant can be a licensed healthcare professional who has completed special training. These healthcare assistants assist physical therapists with patients with disabilities or injuries. Many treatments can be used to alleviate pain and increase mobility.

There are more than 200 physical therapy assistant programs in the United States. Candidates must have a high-grade point average in all sciences, including chemistry and biology, to be eligible for these programs.

Every candidate must volunteer in the field of health care, preferably as an aide. They also need to show community involvement by participating in a service program. Physical therapists are also recommended as a prerequisite to being accepted into a PTA program.

What does a Physical Therapy Assistant do?

Physical therapy assistants work with physical therapists to treat patients with injuries and disabilities. This type of assistant in health care is supervised by licensed physical therapy therapists. When caring for patients, they offer a variety of techniques, including deep soft tissue massage, exercise treatment protocols, and general mobility training.

They can also provide electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy. These therapy assistants may apply heat or ice therapy to patients or help them to use crutches or stretches to improve their range of motion.

As well as helping physical therapists to implement wellness and fitness programs, they may also be able to help patients live healthier lifestyles. Assistants in this field must also be able to use different types of physical therapy equipment. Assistants in physical therapy may also be required to answer the phones, fill out insurance paperwork, or order supplies.

These healthcare professionals can work with people of all ages. Physical therapy is needed for a few reasons: stroke victims, injured athletes, cerebral palsy patients, patients who have had surgery, and patients who have recently been hospitalized.

A person who wants to be a physical therapy assistant must have excellent communication skills and the ability to show kindness and patience.

Patients often see a therapist right after surgery or after an injury. This is because they are suffering from emotional stress and high levels of pain. It is important that the assistant to a physical therapist has an interest in helping patients and the ability to make them feel at ease with their treatment. The therapy assistant must be able to work with both physical therapists and other healthcare workers.

How to Become a Physical Therapy Assistant

A two-year associate degree from an accredited college is required for this career. A license is required in many areas. A program must be approved by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (also known as CAPTE accreditation). Accreditation ensures that the courses are of high quality and the instructors are competent.

Students enrolled in programs to become physical therapy assistants will need to take many courses such as algebra, biology, chemistry, and psychology. The student must be certified in CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, as well as first aid. These requirements are not enough. The student must also have some experience in physical therapy.

After the program has been completed, most states require potential therapy assistants to pass a test in order to be licensed in their chosen healthcare profession. The license must be renewed usually every two years.

Employment Opportunities

There are many opportunities to advance in the field of PTA. Physical therapy assistants are needed in all areas of the healthcare industry, including home healthcare providers, nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, and physical therapy offices.

Rehabilitation centers, schools, and hospitals also employ physical therapist assistants. These positions often have regular work hours but you can also work weekends and evenings. Many assistants have the opportunity to travel for work, and there are many therapy facilities that offer this.

Benefits of becoming a PTA

According to multiple studies, Physical Therapy Cornelius NC are very satisfied with their jobs. This career is highly sought after and offers job security. This position has a median salary of $57 985. This will vary depending on where you live and what state you are in. This is a rewarding career because PTA can work one-on-one with patients, see them progress, and be a positive influence in their lives.

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